About Heather D. Haws

I am a versatile professional with a unique journey that has shaped my diverse skill set and leadership capabilities. From receptionist in a small company to a dynamic leader shaping product strategies, overseeing teams, and driving organizational success. I bring integrity, curiosity, intelligence, a passion for problem-solving, commitment to growth, and a healthy dose of grit. My unique blend of experiences and expertise will make a valuable contribution to any team.

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Professional Profile


My journey defies conventional labels, embodying a versatile blend of experiences and skills that have shaped my leadership prowess. While my resume may not scream senior leadership from the outset, it tells the story of a dynamic professional who thrives on challenges and embraces growth at every turn.


My academic pursuits in fine art laid the foundation for my creative thinking and problem-solving approach. Balancing coursework with real-world responsibilities, I learned to navigate diverse landscapes with agility and adaptability.

Career Journey

My professional voyage began humbly, evolving from a receptionist to a marketing designer, where I honed my craft in web graphics and content management. Driven by a desire to fill gaps and meet evolving needs, I embarked on a journey of self-directed learning, mastering Adobe Suite and front-end coding through hands-on experience and supplementary courses.

The transition into UX design marked a pivotal moment, where I leveraged innate problem-solving skills and empathy to drive user-centric solutions. Despite lacking formal training, I embraced the challenge, augmenting my knowledge through continuous education and practical application.

Leadership Evolution

As I ascended through the ranks, I became a beacon of inspiration for aspiring professionals, fostering growth and mentorship across disciplines. My journey into leadership was marked by a willingness to embrace discomfort and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Becoming a Manager

The evolution into management was a natural progression, rooted in a deep understanding of team dynamics and a passion for driving strategic initiatives. Through collaborative partnerships and a relentless pursuit of excellence, I spearheaded transformative projects, laying the groundwork for organizational success.


As I embark on new horizons, I carry with me a wealth of experience and a relentless thirst for growth. My journey, while rooted in a single company, transcends boundaries, embodying a spirit of innovation and resilience. I am poised to tackle new challenges head-on, armed with a diverse skill set and a steadfast commitment to driving meaningful change.