About Heather D. Haws

I am a product leader creating and executing strategies, promoting team growth, and leading product discovery and development efforts. My approach is rooted in transparency, clarity, and intention empowering teams to deliver efficient, high-quality solutions that meet both business and user needs.

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The term "strategy" has become a bit of a buzzword. Many companies struggle with it due to a lack of alignment, clarity, communication, or integration. To truly benefit from your strategy, you need a clear, aligned plan that is well-communicated and integrated into the company's operations, making the strategy more than just a north star. I specialize in developing strategies with intentional implementation in mind, considering all aspects from culture and resources to processes and tools.

Team Growth

Challenges in individual professional growth often arise from limited development opportunities, skill gaps, insufficient mentorship, high workloads, lack of recognition, and organizational cultures that do not prioritize learning and innovation. Addressing these challenges and fostering a culture of learning and innovation can lead to more engaged, motivated, and skilled teams that deliver high-quality work efficiently. As a people development manager, I create and execute comprehensive coaching and development plans that cultivate an ownership mindset in employees, increasing engagement and productivity, and leading to promotion and career advancement.

Product Discovery and Development

Without a clear understanding of their goals, teams can easily lose direction and fail to meet user needs. There's rarely a one-size-fits-all solution to these challenges, and it's never solely the fault of a single team or individual. By employing product discovery practices, adopting an iterative, flexible approach and creating an environment that encourages experimentation, teams can reach the right solution faster with less resistance. I have implemented multiple UX and product discovery processes, guiding teams through iterative value delivery, gathering quick feedback, saving development time, and meeting both business and user needs.