Web, UX, and Strategy Projects

My career has spanned visual designer to UX engineer, and now managing a product team. Below is a sample of projects from over the years.

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Data & Analytics Team Strategy

Overcoming limited expertise, I led the data and analytics team through a transformative journey, addressing deficiencies, and implementing a comprehensive strategy for future growth and success, culminating in a well-received roadmap by the CEO.

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New Membership Application

Bluetooth SIG, Inc. is a membership driven organization. The process to apply is a lengthy legal process. We redesigned and redeveloped the application to better support the complexities of the process and the diversity of our global membership.

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My Account

Bluetooth SIG, Inc. serves multiple purposes from collaborative specification creation to certification of Bluetooth enabled products. The my account application is the first iteration in a vision to provide a single view for users into their membership administration activities and have a unifying view of their general Bluetooth related activities.

Design System

I conceptualized, researched, coded and implemented a design system, that we call the UX Framework, to help align the presentation layer and basic user interactions for our sites and tools.

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Class project 'Recipio'

Group research and design project for HCD course "Recipio."

Class project for Amazon Smile

Group research and design project for HCD course working with a UX Manager from Amazon Smile.

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Sky Gerspacher

Gallery site for my mom's paintings.

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